Ten guidelines for a healthy life: Korean Medical Association statement (2017).
December 15, 2017 148 p (in English)

Best practices at a glance

Guideline Best practices to follow
1 Quitting Smoking Smoking shortens your life. Quit now!
1. Quit smoking! If you decide to quit, tell people around you about your resolution right away
2. Looking for a shortcut to quit smoking? Consult with medical specialists
3. The best treatments for withdrawal symptoms are exercise, diet, and stress management!

2 Drinking in Moderation Stop peer pressure to drink, especially if someone's face turns red after only one shot
1. Stop peer pressure to drink! Never force people to drink, especially those whose faces turn red after only one shot!
2. The zero-hangover formula: Always drink slowly and moderately over a period of 2-3 hours with water and/or food
3. When is your alcohol-free day? Frequent alcohol consumption increases the risk of cancer!

3 Eating a Balanced Diet A healthy life through a balanced diet in the age of longevity!
1. Eat a carbohydrate:protein:fat ratio of 55:20:25
2. Reduce consumption of soda and sugar-sweetened beverages
3. Maintain the recommended caloric intake for a healthy diet

4 Being Physically Active Take care of your body by physically active lifestyle every day!
1. Add physical activity to your daily routine!
2. Get up and move every 2 hours
3. The basic principle of weekly exercise: Do at least 150 minutes of brisk walking a week and perform muscle-strengthening activities on more than 2 days a week

5 Having a Regular Sleep Schedule Remember: Sound and regular sleep leads to a healthy life
1. Maintain a regular wake-up time and if necessary, take a nap for less than 30 minutes
2. Get enough sleep
3. Thumbs up for regular daytime exercise! Thumbs down for caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco!

6 Thinking Positively Appreciate the little things and be happy with your loved ones!
1. Appreciate the little things
2. Stop comparing yourself to others, and be happy with yourself
3. Remember that happiness starts from good relationships!
Empathy + communication + compassion!

7 Receiving Routine Health Screenings and Immunizations Health is a habit. Get screened and immunized while you’re healthy!
1. Participate in a national health screening program at each stage of the life cycle as part of leading a healthy life
2. Make sure that you receive the results of health screenings and practice the appropriate healthy habits
3. Receive timely immunizations for your own health and that of the community

8 Managing Stress Stress: If you can’t avoid it, tame it!
1. The power of positivity: Get rid of stress
2. Find your own coping strategies for stress
3. The vitality of your life: Engage in leisure activities at least once per week

9 Paying Attention to Particulate Matter (PM10 and PM2.5) and Emerging Infectious Diseases Preventing damage from particulate matter and emerging infectious diseases paves the road to longevity!
1. Refrain from going out and using cars when a particulate matter watch or warning is declared
2. Swine flu? MERS? Learning about emerging infectious diseases is important
3. Adhering to prevention practices for infectious diseases is the number-one component of health etiquette!

10 Avoiding Excessive Exposure to Mobile Devices Smart use of smart devices
1. Avoid smartphones while eating
2. Avoid smartphones before sleeping
3. Keep smartphones away from babies