Ten guidelines for a healthy life: Korean Medical Association statement (2017).
December 15, 2017 148 p (in English)
Ten guidelines for a healthy life: Korean Medical Association statement (2017)


The Korean Medical Association (KMA) is the largest and most-trusted decision-making organization of Korean physicians in South Korea, with the vision of “Trustworthy experts for 100 years of healthy life.” The major role of the KMA is to provide the latest medical knowledge to its members, who are primary-, secondary-, and tertiary-care physicians, by way of the Korean Accreditation Council for Continuing Professional Development. In addition, the KMA assists in developing and implementing appropriate and effective medical policies by collaborating with medical administrative agencies such as the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service. The KMA Congress has been held regularly every 1-3 years since 1947, contributing to medical advancements and to communication between the KMA and the public. The theme of the 35th KMA Congress, held from June 30 to July 2, 2017, was “Future Medicine and Healthy Aging,” with the goal of establishing a new medical paradigm. To achieve this goal, experts from various medical fields gathered starting in December 2016 to develop guidelines for living a long and healthy life. Finally, 10 guidelines were established based on a variety of up-to-date information supported by scientific evidence. A book entitled “The Korean Medical Association statement (2017)” was published in Korean during the KMA Congress and received a warm welcome from the mass media and the Korean public. It includes sections on 1) quitting smoking, 2) drinking in moderation, 3) eating a balanced diet, 4) being physically active, 5) having a regular sleep schedule, 6) thinking positively, 7) receiving routine health screenings and immunizations, 8) managing stress, 9) paying attention to particulate matter and emerging infectious diseases, and 10) avoiding excessive exposure to mobile devices. With kind suggestions from experts and KMA members, the content was updated again, and it has now been published in English. We hope these rules will be practiced worldwide to help people live a long and healthy life.